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21 Day Summer Slim Down Challenge - Start now summer slim down - workouts


21 Day Summer Slim Down Challenge - Start now summer slim down - workouts

Day 1: Make a grocery plan. Planning out what you’re going to eat for the week will keep you from binging on unhealthy snacks when you can’t think of your next meal. Take 10 minutes today to plan out your meals for the week, and then hit the store! Take a look at all of these benefits of meal planning and include some menu options like the ones in the 7 Day Weight Loss Menu!

Day 2: Move! Try a new workout today. Challenge yourself with a full-body toning workout that will tighten every inch! Try the Skinny Ms. WeightLESS Workout Challenge – you don’t need any equipment!

Day 3: Drink more water! Women need approximately nine 8-ounce glasses of water each day, and more than that if you’re exercising! To be sure you’re getting enough water, set an alarm on your phone or computer to remind yourself to drink up. The extra water will fight bloat, keep you fuller for longer, and make your skin look beautiful.

Day 4: Try another new workout today! Nothing makes your feel slim and toned quite like a high intensity workout. Try the Jump Rope Challenge or the fat-blasting HIIT workout!

Day 5: Drink (more) green tea. Green tea is full of antioxidants and is said to help promote weight loss by increasing your metabolism. Green tea can also help with health conditions like diabetes, high cholesterol, heart disease, blood pressure, skin issues, and so much more. Why wouldn’t you drink more? While the jury is still out on just how many cups you need to reap the benefits, shoot for 3 or more a day and you’ll be in good hands.

Day 6: Time to try a new workout! One of the best accessories to any outfit is killer abs. Try the Awesome Abs workout challenge today after one of the fat-blasting cardio routines below.

Day 7: Time to prep your food for a successfully skinny week! Take time tonight to plan your meals for the week ahead. Plan on three meals and two snacks each day. You should also make extra during dinner so you can have a quick lunch the next day! Check out the 7 Day Weight Watchers Menu Plan for ideas.

Day 8: Catch More Zzz’s! It’s been found that women who sleep fewer than 7 hours a night lose less weight than those who get more sleep. It can be difficult to find the time to sleep in your busy life. Try going to bed 15 minutes earlier tonight. Tomorrow, go to bed 15 minutes before that. Continue to work your way up to an earlier bedtime with this gradual schedule until you are catching at least 7.5 hours each night. Get that beauty rest!RELATED: Age really is just a number. Find out why here: How I Lost 30 Pounds and Kept It Off

Day 9: Time for another workout challenge! Try the Crazy 8’s Workout Challenge today to tone your entire body.

Day 10: Check your portion sizes. If you’re trying to lose a few pounds to feel confident and strong, you can still eat your same healthy, delicious meals; you just need to rethink your portion sizes. One of the easiest ways to do this is to use smaller plates. You can also try the Skinny Plate Challenge to really get the hang of smaller portions!

Day 11: Start a journal. Recording what you’re eating throughout the day can help make you more aware of hidden calories and mindless snacking, keep you on track with your goals, and promote weight loss. Start recording your meals and snacks today and take note of any mindless munching. Remember that each day is a new day, so you can improve and make any changes you need to!

Day 12: Stay fuller, longer. Increase the amount of fiber you eat and you’ll stay fuller for longer between meals. Eat foods that are high in fiber today, and everyday, like quinoa, beans, and avocados.Related: 5 Reasons Why Weight Doesn’t Always Matter

Day 13: It’s time to prepare your menu for the last week! This week, try the 7 Day Clean Eating and Detox Menu. This plan breaks down your 3 meals and gives you ideas for your 2 daily snacks.

Day 14: Make note of how much sugar you consume throughout the day. Sugar is hidden (or not so hidden) in your coffee, smoothies, soda, and so much more. Give the No-Sugar Challenge a try starting today. Ridding your body of hidden added sugars will result in far fewer calories being consumed, and far more compliments on your slim body!

Day 15: Transform your workout and body with Tabata. Tabata is a type of high-intensity interval workout that has you burning calories quickly and keeps you burning them for hours after! Check out the 10 Ways to Tabata workout that will tone every inch of that slim body!

Day 16: Refresh your playlist. You’re bound to work harder than ever during your workouts if you have some new, upbeat songs to motivate you along the way. Stay motivated and inspired during your weekly workouts with these 75 songs.

Day 17: Read Labels. Keep an eye on the amount of sodium in each of your foods today by checking out the nutrition label. Salt can make your body retain water; and nobody likes looking puffy and bloated! Try to avoid adding salt to any of your food and make sure the labels of what you’re snacking on today don’t add up to more than 2300mg.

Day 18: Check ingredients. Today, focus on eating foods with small ingredient lists. This is especially important to pay attention to when snacking. Chances are, if the ingredient list is lengthy and you can’t pronounce most of the words, the food is very processed and not very nutritious. Here’s a hint- the ingredient list for apples, bananas, and almonds are all very small!Related: 8 Easy Ways to Burn 100 Calories

Day 19:  Challenge your abs. Try the 15×15 Climb and Descend Ab Workout Challenge today after one of your fat-blasting routines. This workout will sculpt your midsection so it’s ready for the warm weather!

Day 20: Probiotics found in foods like Kefir, Greek yogurt, cheese, and tempeh, aid with digestion and lead to a flat belly. Add these foods in to your meals today!

Day 21: Have fun. Get together with your funniest girlfriends! Yes, that really will help you slim down. The social support of close friends helps keep you motivated and on track with your slimming goals. Plus, studies show that people who laugh more also tend to be thinner! Last but not least, you can show them your slender new look. Need any more excuses to go have a fun time?! We didn’t think so…

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